About iGenPasswords

Did you know that most people use the same password for most things, this is an extremely unsecured approach to password management.

You should have a different password when ever you can, but its often hard to come up with passwords.

iGenPasswords will generate random secure passwords for you to use with ease, offering 1 click password generation that copies directly to the clipboard and batch password creation so you can choose the password you like.

Simply select the password length, select the character sets you wish to use, and then click generate to produce a strong, random password.

Strong passwords follow these guidelines:
  • Be at least 8 characters long (also referred to as 64 bit,) the longer the better.
  • Contain numbers.
  • Contain extended characters such as !, @, #, $, %, ^, etc.
  • Do Not resemble any of your other passwords
  • Are Not variants on your name, your friends name, family names, or your login name / email address.
  • Can Not be found in the dictionary or telephone book.

With iGenPasswords easy to use interface you can now generate your passwords with ease and become a secure user of the computing world.


3 thoughts on “iGenPasswords

  1. silvs says:

    Approved in the App Store
    (may take up to 24 hours from now until links are available.)

    App Store Link: http://itunes.com/mac/igenpasswords
    Web Link: http://ax.itunes.apple.com/app/id417155323?mt=8

  2. Todd says:

    Great little app. I will find this very useful. Unfortunately, the ‘Copy All’ function isn’t working for me. The button acts the same as if I had chosen ‘Remove All’. In addition, I wish there was a preference to avoid having a menubar icon. My menubar is overloaded as it is.

  3. silvs says:

    The “Copy All” bug has been fixed along with an option to not show the menubar icon, App has been submitted to the app-store for approval.

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