SensiDoc Reader

About SensiDoc Reader

The SensiDoc Reader allows you to read SensiDoc Documents.

Utilizing a 448 Bit Secure key and the Blowfish encryption algorithm, your documents have never been safer.

Blowfish is a brute-force resistant encryption algorithm, that requires 508 iterations of the algorithm just to test a single key.

You can use SensiDoc Reader to read documents saved in SensiDoc such as:

  • Viewing a secure Personal Diary
  • Viewing your CreditCard information stored¬†safely
  • Viewing your passwords for websites in an easy to read format
  • Viewing a multitude of sensitive information (Passports, Drivers Licences, etc.)
  • Viewing a sensitive backups of your most important personal files.


*To be able to write documents, SensiDoc can be purchased in the app store.

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